L’Escarboucle has two rooms and two suites up to 12 guests.
All rooms are equipped with bathroom and toilet. Rates include breakfast.
Free Wifi access - Pets are not allowed.
All our rooms are upstairs and may not be suitable for people with restricted movement

Betty de Rothschild is wearing a row of irregular pearls around her neck, called “baroque” Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres.
Room (33m²) for 2 persons, 160x200, equipped with a bathroom with tub, sink and toilet 80€

“La Dame à l’Hermine” is wearing a necklace named “matinée” which is a single strand that rests at the mid length of the bust. Leonard de Vinci
Room for 2 persons (35m²), 2 beds 90x200 (double room or twin room at your convenience), equipped with a bathroom with shower, sink and toilet: 80€

“La jeune fille à la perle” is wearing a simple single pearl earring known as “Dormeuse” or “Sleepers” mounted on a pivot, attached to the earlobe. Johannes Vermeer
Suite (38m²) for 4 persons in 2 separate bedrooms each with a 160x200 bed. Equipped with a bathroom with tub, sink and toilet 110€

Set with precious stones, arranged in earring.
Suite (70 m2) up to 4 persons, including a living room (sofa bed), dining room, kitchen (fridge, microwave, washing machine), bedroom with a bed 160x200.
Equipped with a bathroom with tub and sink. Separed toilet: à partir de 90€ for 2, 120€ for 4 persons